Friday, 24 March 2017

Nearly one year....

Since I came this way ! I had started a loooooong message 6 mois or so ago. But I will spare you too much text.

So what changed?

- I lost my grandma after a long stay in hospital, and that really got to me.
- I started playing Bass Guitar to join DBF's band (a way to compensate the loss above)
- I started a computer coding course. Back to school for 9 month, and hope for a change of career.

So as going to class every day and try to stick loads of data in my brain is a bit tiring (and time consuming), crafting was completely abandonned. I don't think doing a bit of origami with a classmate counts much.

But now I'm doing an internship before getting my degree, and I'm back to cross stitching. DBF thinks that there is a link between having a job and stitching somehow. It sure feels like "before".

For the moment I' working on old projects, but the ultimate question will rise soon : what to do with all those finished pieces? Especially when you are a techno geek like me?

And what kind of app could I develop for stitchers?

An idea.... you know where to find me...

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Stormtrooper stitch

I made this Star Wars Stormtrooper keyring for DBF. Stitched on 16 count aida and using pva white glue to prevent fraying and stick the felt at the back.

 This method is a good alternative to plastic canvas that I can't find over here. And it offers more flexibility for backstitching and fractionals...

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Animal Crossing Stitch

As I have a whole folder of medium and big stitched pieces, I want to stitch something more portable. Like charms or keyfobs.

So here is Marie from the Animal Crossing game (3DS). I used 16 count aida. I found the pattern in the numerous Hama beads patterns on Pinterest.

Originally I wanted to make a mini cushion, but I'm not really satisfied of the little Totoro I made a year ago, the character gets all out of shape.

So I cut the fabric around very close to the stitches like plastic canvas, and put some glue all around so it doesn't fray.

Now I need to add a back. I think I will put some felt, but will I stitch or glue it on?

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mouse in a salad

We were waiting at the cashier at the supermarket and I was browsing this cooking magazine for kids, full of good ideas.

Including the mouse made with an half egg, radishes and pepper.

And I put it on top of my usual mixed salad.

The guests liked it a lot !

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Forever Friends Nightmare

Second freebie stitched this month. But different story. This is an Anchor kit, instead of DMC. And two (ok, three) problems occured.

First, just looking at the pattern, I could only brace myself for an arduous backstitching, out of the holes with a pointy needle. It reminded me of the old days when that lady from Anchor got mad at me for warning people of this difficulty in Anchor kits I reviewed. At least I knew what I was getting into.

Second, error in the colour chart calling for a brown backstitching on the flowers instead of pink, but never mind.

Then this is where we uncounter the real big problem : not enough threads. This NEVER EVER happened with a freebie, from any UK magazine. They usually provide more than enough. Here, at first I was stitching the teddy, and I was having just enough. Just enough is already rare. But it became desperate when I had to make the pink background. I ran out. And I had to use DMC threads to finish the project. And we stitchers know that the colours equivalence is never exact.

 So what happened ? Was it yet another mistake int he colour chart? Should have it been "stitch in one strand" instead of two?

It didn't discourage me, I started another Forever Friends freebie...

Friday, 15 April 2016

Edwina Hedgehog

At the moment I feel like stitching in the mornings, but I don't want to tackle big projects. I have a folder full of frame sized finished projects and no place to hang them on the walls without overloading them. And I would rather make cards and mini cushions and such.

I have a little collection of freebie coming from UK magazines I haven't stitched yet, so I decided to make those. Starting with this little Edwina Hedgehog with flowers. Not too complicated, except for the number of colours, and the tweaking (stitching with two strands of different colours together).

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Easter cookies

This is a long overue post, but blogging isn't on my top priority list at the moment.... But here are the cookies I made for everybody, family and friends (and DBF's collegues) at Easter.

Usually people make cookies for Christmas, but a few years back when I first wanted to try and make cookies, it hapened to be Easter time. So I got a set of cookie cutters with a Spring/Easter theme from my local Hobbycraft. It was lucky because these are hard to come by. At least harder than Christmas ones.

The novelty is that I used chocolate for the eyes and decorations over the coloured icing. They should have the same taste, as I made only one batch of batter, but people said they prefered the chicks because they have an almond taste ! Suggestion of the colours ?

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Origami flowers and bunnies

Since Christmas I jut feel compelled to fold paper. Problem is, I end up with quite a collection of useless paper stuff.

First here is a ball of flowers. The good thing is that it takes time to make, so it's good for my folding itch. I finally bought a glue gun for the ocasion.

And... here are bunnies !  And just like real bunnies, they tend to multiply.... So you have bunnies in special papers, bunnies with eyes, and white bunnies made out of school paper (note for our American friends, French school paper is white, with special lines).

I'm glad I managed to make each white bunny different, as if they had their own personality somehow...

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Indoor garden

This year I feel like going green in the flat. First we brought back DBF's ficus that went to my grandma's when we moved. Fresh air turned it into a little tree. I wanted it back because they say plants deplute the atmosphere. You will see the ficus and how big it is in a future post about Easter decoration.

But recently I wanted to grow things I can eat. With spring approaching and ecology being in fashion, they sell kits for cress, tomatoes, strawberries. The latest two are quite slow growing, but I have sprouts. Cress is easy to grow, and so good to eat !

I saw some projects on Pinterest and decided to put those aromatic pots on the kitchen walls. Here you see mint (haven't used it for anything yet) and chives (I tend to put it in everything). I also have parsley and coriander, but they are at the end of their lives...

Monday, 14 March 2016

A little bit of stitching

I didn't craft much since the beginning of the year, but it's mostly the "January effect". Nice little depression every year. But I managed to get into the Easter/Spring/Stitching mood and made these mini projects.

First a little Flower fairy. It was an old freebie from a UK stitching magazine. Stitched in one thread on 16 count aida, with a few fractionals. The backstitch is quite intricate and gives the whole dimension to the picture.

Then I made a little chicken for Easter, I still need to turn it into a cushion.

Finally an Elisabeth Design for a pin cushion. The pattern calls for a 40 count evenweave (or linen), but I used 28 count by mistake. Well, I thought the fabric colour (cloudy brown) was perfect for it. So it's just a little bigger than expected, and the leaves look a bit sprse, but never mind.

Now and then when I feel like stitching, I'm doing yet another freebie from an old magazine, a hedgehog with flowers from DMC. 16 colours and tweaking, freebie kits weren't for the newbie faint hearted in those times !